Rendall Caviness

Rendall at a Church Performace

Rendall has been a preforming musician for about 35 years. A prolific harmonic player, Rendall has worked at Dallas Sound in Los Coleus. Currently performs with local artist PresleyBiggs and Scott Kendall in the “Kendall and Rendall Band”. He has also played with Rusty Weir and members of the Coasters just to mention a few. Rendall was a regular at Henry’s in Austin. He also performs regular at different church vinues not to mention the Alvarado Library were he holds a “Tasty Acoustic Jam” on Tuesday nights. Any time he shows up at a performance he’ll often get an opportunity to jam with the band, such the Jimmy Jones Band.

One of the interesting things about Rendall is he plays his harmonica upside down. “I guess I’m like a left handed guitar player.” He tells me, “I’ve just always done it that way.” Well it doesn’t seem to hamper his playing any, Rendall plays one of the sweetest sounding harp player around.

Rendall also minters his grandson who is a budding musician, Brandon Caviness is another Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen rolled into one… at 14 this kid can blow older guitar players out of the water! We’re expecting great things.